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Melman is a hypochondriac giraffe with infinite phobias. Passionately unconvinced of his perfect health, Melman’s roster of restrictions and phantom symptoms was once as long as his wobbling legs. He was a permanent fixture at the Central Park Zoo clinic, where he hoarded medicines and sought consultation for the natural brown spots on his neck.

Melman’s anxiety accelerated tenfold when he was torn from the comforts of home, but this unwelcome exposure became Melman’s most effective prescription yet—although he will always retain a healthy dose of caution. Once a panicked patient, Melman has settled into his role as “witch doctor,” dispensing his encyclopedic knowledge of modern medicine to the locals.

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African Witch Doctor.
Melman has two flaming sticks tied to his hooves

Most Known Pastime:

Being a Worry-Wart.
Melman is worrying for his friends