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Marty the zebra is a quick-witted free spirit. Perpetually chatty and reliably upbeat, Marty’s constant quips and biting humor are always regulated by his irrepressible optimism and reveal him to be a source of inadvertent wisdom.

Marty’s savvy is supportive and never malicious—his comical commentary provides his friends with both positive spins and hard but necessary truths in the face of adversity. As imaginative as he is incisive, Marty is also a dreamer and an instigator. In fact, his responsibility as the gang’s motivational pillar of support is a fitting one to bear, as he is often the catalyst for their adventures!

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Marty Action Shot

Circus Trick:

The Zebra Cannonball.
Marty dresses in a clown outfit for the circus

Favorite Prank:

The Watering Hole Spit-Shot.
Marty spits water out from between his teeth