King Julien

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King Julien


In Madagascar we have the honor of meeting King Julien, the hyperactive and egotistical King of the Lemurs with a hilarious accent, and a penchant for busting some seriously booty shaking dance moves.

Julien’s cardinal decree is that life on his island remains a thumping dance party, and that he presides as its star. Paired with his love of indulgence is Julien’s unmatched sense of entitlement. While King Julien is not to be outranked, his elitism is never off-putting. Instead, King Julien’s impossibly high standards reveal his oblivious party animal core, and constantly serve as comedic fuel.

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King Julien Action Shot

Headdress Game:

On point.
King Julien in a headdress at the beach

Ultimate Passion:

Spontaneous Top-40 dance parties.
King Julien appears out of a cake with a coconut bra