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Beautiful, smart and resourceful, Gloria the hippo is a sassy New Yorker through and through. Sweet when she wants to be—and tough when she needs to be—Gloria is the level-headed mediator of the bunch. Gargantuan yet graceful, Gloria is equal parts ballerina and bouncer.

When she is not perfecting her poolside swan dives for the public’s admiration, she keeps the other animals on an even keel. Despite her role as enforcer, she’s not immune to being bitten by the love bug when she becomes the object of Melman’s affection. With friends like Alex, Marty and Melman, it’s a good thing that Gloria is fully equipped to lay down the law and deliver straightforward common sense, and even a bit of love, in dire situations.

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Diva Status:

Gloria gets spa treatment

Travel Talent:

Sleeps through bumpy plane rides.
Gloria sleeps with a mask over her face to block out light