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Formerly the self-proclaimed King of New York, Alex the lion was born to perform. A natural showman with a love for the limelight, Alex astounds humans and animals alike with his smooth routines and crowd-rousing, regal charisma.

Alex is physically imposing, but harbors a heart of gold—his athletic prowess will never compromise his kindness or impair his penchant for photogenic flair. Although Alex longs to reclaim the glory of his headlining days at the Central Park Zoo, his first priority is the happiness of his crew. In leadership, Alex’s confidence still reigns at center stage—at least until he starts missing being hand fed steaks and goes into a feeding frenzy. But Alex never entertains second guesses in friendship: selfless, caring and fiercely loyal, this is his proudest role to fill.

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Favorite Activity:

Flying on the trapeeze with Gia.
Alex gets butterflies in his stomach around Gia

Meal of Choice:

Buffalo steaks. Lots of buffalo steaks.
Alex lies in a pile of buffalo steaks